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Black music is a term that embraces the music produced or inspired by black people, including the Sub-saharian musical traditions and the popular African music, at the same time as the African-American musical styles that appeared during slavery that forged the lives of Afro-Americans before the american Civil war. These genres include Jazz, Blues, Soul, rock and roll, and more recently rap and hip-hop. Music was used as a way to express desires and needs which were ignored due to the heavy racial and political conditions. Some usages of the term Black Music have been criticized for being perjorative to a genre because of the skin colour of its composers or interpreters, but it is true that recently the genres of black music have increased dramatically both, the audience and the interpreters, both backs and whites. This is because the black musical culture is extremely important because it has a unifying quality that breaks the barriers and crosses borders. Music is a social cohesion and unifying element because without taking into account the background and persona experiences, everyone can appreciate the same song, even when they are people with different origins, opposite stories, and with anything in common. Is a mater of tastes and opinions, not to do with intellectual arguments. The ability of music to work as a factor of cohesion provides the black musical culture with a strong connectivity power.

In this sense, BLACK MUSIC PRODUCTIONS pretends to make public and cultivate this music with soul, this music with this power of connectivity, basing above all on the musical heritage of the city of New Orleans and in the most important and natural instrument that everyone of us have: the voice.