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Chris Kramer & Beatbox'n'Blues


This innovative trio is dedicated to giving a new blast of steam to that venerable old musical genre,

The Blues. The adventurous idea of crossing the line-up of two guitars, vocals and harmonica with an element from another style, the Beatbox, works like a charm and, as a live act, makes people sit up straight and take notice.

All three musicians are masters of their art who, with their intricate solos on guitar, harmonica and the unusual Beatbox, inspire their audiences to pay rapt attention, get in the groove and finally demand encores.

Singer and master of harmonica Chris Kramer is well-known by being a talented story teller, but also someone who is able to – beyond the lyrics – how to make the message reach the audience even without words: instrumentals have always been a memorable part of his shows. Kramer relates his tunes to dreams, and invites the audience to dream together: “You only have to close your eyes and let your dreams lead you to wherever you'd like to be. Now we're going to play the sound track of this dream – Have a good journey, everybody!” With his deep voice and the powerful rhythms emerging from Kevin O'Neal and Sean Athens, Chris Kramer moves the audience, as a powerful steamboat would move the Mississippi waters.

Sometimes tradicionally bluesy, sometimes oriented to funky andl groove, with a sound sometimes raw, rocky and electric, and sometimes smooth, acoustic and full of feelings – this trio is made of true artisans of músic. And due to their infinit passion for playing, that guides their shows, the show is guaranteed for an enthusiastic audience.


Chris Kramer - harmonica, Guitar, Vocals

Kevin O Neal - Beatbox

Sean Athens - Guitar


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