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Magnolia: This Joint's Too Hip For Me


Magnolia a velvety and raging Jazz quartet with a repertoire of own material rooted in the tradition of american popular music

They first record “That’s a Plenty” was recorder live in the mythical Jamboree in Barcelona, with a festive spirit and flooded by Broadway's landscapes where cinema and Jazz join together irremissably, in a torrid and sofisticated ambience, preceeded to their participation in the soundtrack of the film “The Chosen” by Antonio Chavarrías ... this is the flame that starts the current repertoire of own tunes such as “To Send My Love” and “Get Out The Door” that startted the path that has led them to the launch of their first studio recordin February de 2019 and the second of their career “This Joint’s Too Hip For Me”, an adventure with the label Freshsound.

The record is a fresh rain of own compositions and  antique aromas. A Jazz record with a subject that takes from Blues the vocal personality and the irony .... frustrated relationships and morning burned toasts, mistakes that are hard not to committ... “cry tomorrow, laugh today!”... , emotion and freedom ... funerals for romantic love as we know it and happiness for real love... of life with it's wonderful conflicts.

Line Up:

Myriam Swanson: Vocals
Francesc Capella: piano
Paco Weht: upright bass 
Xavi Hinojosa: drums

We hope you enjoy and that you'll like our show



  • 01 Burnt Toast and Black Cofee
  • 04 You Could Be My Nest Mistake

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