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The Rhythm Treasures: All Around The World

THE RHYTHM TREASURES - new record: All Around The World

From the depths of rhythm n 'blues The Rhythm Treasures come over!!!! A wild and hypnotic bunch of animals that will delight your nights of crazyness and voodoo ....

A strong and shameless quintet that celebrates the r n’ r club culture of the rhythm n'blues from the late fifties and early sixties.

The repertoire it’s a provocation to dance with the wild Myriam Swanson.

The Rhythm Treasures have produced their first album. The result it’s an orgànic record full of originals and little jewels from the universal underground.

All Around The World would be released in 2019 in 10” vynil and it will need lots of places to spin, moving hips and kicking asses.

Artem Zhulyev on baritone and tenor sax
Myriam Swanson to the angelic vocals
Balta Bordoy to the six horitzontal strings
Paco Weht to the four vertical strings
Salva Suau to the hell drums




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